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I recently purchased these and I am pleasantly surprised. First off, when opening the package there is absolutely no chemical smell. I loved that these are a bit more padded than other brands. They are also incredibly soft. Its a huge perk that these are hypoallergenic. The other brands we have tried do not have an anti slip backing; these do and its a game changer! I know these are supposed to be super absorbent and have a water proof layer but I wanted to test it out. So I poured a small cup of water onto one of the liners and it immediately soaked right up. I would feel safe if I had to put a soiled pad into a diaper bag. I would recommend these to family and friends looking for good quality changing pads.

These changing pads are definitely different from the others. The other brands aren’t soft on one side like these are. These changing pads are non slip and they are soft. So when you lay your baby on it, it won’t be cold. It will be soft.

I purchased these pads as a baby shower gift for my sister.